Ombre Pink

Regardless of whether or not you believe the hype, Starbucks does deliver tasty beverages and treats. The company seems to want to add a bit of color to the world with it’s new menu offering (while getting everyone as hyper as they can possibly be at the same time).

The new beverage offered by Starbucks is the Ombre Pink Drink. The beautiful drink starts off dark pink at the top of the cup before fading to white at the bottom. The pink appears to cascade through the rest of the beverage like a waterfall or raindrops. Fruity flavors of lime and a bit of lemon combine with coconut milk and passion tango tea to create the taste of the Ombre Pink Drink. The Drink has notes of hibiscus which could be why so many people enjoy it. This Drink takes your taste buds to a tropical island far away. It appears Starbucks is catering to a new crowd that likes to step away from reality for a bit. Try the Ombre Pink Drink today at your local Starbucks.


Photo credit
Pic 1 Starbucks
Pic 2 Teen Vogue

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