Gremlin Gets Contacts

Even dogs need to see where they are walking and where to go when they want to lift a leg. An example is Gremlin. He’s a pit bull who was almost blind, making it difficult to see to get around in the house or outside. She has been involved in several dog fights before being rescued. Those fights likely caused part of her blindness. She has also had several other health issues that she has fought through, such as a blood disease and cancer.

Gremlin recovered for the most part after being adopted and is now a therapy dog. The family that adopted her noticed that she couldn’t see where she was going too well, so they tried contacts. Before the veterinarian put contacts in Gremlin’s eyes, she had trouble seeing just about anything that was far away, such as a cat or a squirrel that she might have wanted to chase up a tree. Dr. Christopher Murphy has been using contacts for pets for several years and has found that they do well with them. Gremlin has enjoyed her new vision and is even chasing a few smaller animals around the yard since she can now see where she’s going. Her owners know how to put the contacts in, and as soon as Gremlin can see, she shakes hands and comes alive

Photo credit TODAY

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