Derek Hough Steps On Jennifer Lopez’s Hair and Makes a Friend?

If you follow the reality TV circuit, you probably already know about the new reality dance show, “World of Dance”, that will air this summer. Derek Hough, the “Dancing with the Stars” veteran dance pro who put 10 years into his previous show, is judging alongside co-judge and executive producer Jennifer Lopez.

But you may not have heard what cemented this friendship: he stepped on her hair.

During a particularly wild salsa dance, Hough apparently stepped on Lopez’s lustrous locks while dipping her. Not only this, HE RIPPED HAIR OUT OF HER HEAD when he pulled her up.

As he told Today, “it wasn’t a cool moment. It wasn’t slick.” No kidding.

WORLD OF DANCE — “World of Dance” — Pictured: (l-r) NE-YO, Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Clearly, the pop star/actress/reality host/mogul has forgiven him, because the two seem pretty chummy in promotional shots for the show. Despite the hair-stepping incident, it was apparently Lopez who suggested Hough come onto “World of Dance” as a judge. Jenny from the Block sure is one tough cookie.

Hough says he loves his new gig on the other side of the table, helping other dancers to get ahead.

Jenna Dewing Tatum and Ne-Yo will join the pair behind the judge’s table on “World of Dance”.

Let’s watch closely for any future hair accidents.

Photo credit NBC

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