Game of Thrones Pop-Up Bar Coming to DC

What Do We Say to a GoT Pop-Up Bar? Please, today.

Summer is coming, and that means more Game of Thrones at long last! Luckily for you a GoT pop-up bar opens in DC June 21st, just in time to get you extra psyched for the Season 7 premiere.

No matter which house you’ve pledged your allegiance to, the new Drink Company pop-up has you covered. Highlights include several awesome-sounding themed drinks, five contrasting rooms, and, the kicker, an actual Iron Throne. Talk about a dream come true for ambitious Lannister-types.

The Game of Thrones event will be the fourth pop-up from the Drink Company’s Derek Brown and Angie Fetherston, following previous outings with the themes of “Stranger Things”, Christmas, and cherry blossoms with “Super Mario Brothers”.

Numerous local artists came in to help transform the incredibly detailed space. As you enter the reimagined Shaw space, experience the creepy yet mesmerizing House of Black and White, featuring a Hall of Mirrors where the faces are molded from the bar employees. In the sinister Red Keep, snap some shots of yourselves or friends as House Ramsey’s Flayed Man. For Stark loyalists, the front bar at Mockingbird Hill, fully decked with a weirwood tree, keeps the North alive. Afterward, you can explore the City of Mereen with fire and dragons aplenty in the back bar.

And, of course, a Game of Thrones party wouldn’t be complete with a serious Iron Throne,
which Brown refers to as “completely ridiculous”.

To top it off, the cocktail list would make Tyrion Lannister proud. He even gets a drink of his own: The Imp’s Delight, which combines two fortified wines. The bartenders couldn’t forget Cersei (she might sic the zombie Mountain on them), so they concocted Shame, a drink made with tequila, grapefruit tonic, and a little bell.

Other interesting drinks include the Dracarys, a salt-rimmed sherry mai tai with a dragon
garnish, and the aptly named Dothraquiri, which mixes rums, banana, and cocoa liquors with a hint of burnt star anise for that fire effect.

Two of the themed drinks use glassware so cool that they require you to deposit your ID. A pina colada made with scotch called The North Remembers comes served in horn mug. The tiki Lady Mormont is provided its own honey bear glass. Here’s the full list.

Beer lovers can celebrate with Omegang’s “Bend the Knee”, the official Game of Thrones beer, which will be on tap. The pop-up will also serve mead from Baltimore’s Charm City Meadworks.

The hardworking bar staff needs to get their Game of Thrones fix as well, so the bar closes at 7pm on Sunday to leave plenty of time for all to get home and watch.

So get your best Khaleesi threads ready for a wild dragon ride. Just leave the weapons at
home, kids.

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